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Welcome to Redphire Event Rental Service, the leading providers of Audio Rent, in Mumbai and surrounding areas. If you want to rent high quality sound systems, whether it is PA system hire for a corporate event or a complete sound system hire for a live band performance, Sound Services have everything you could possibly need.

Our team of highly skilled sound consultants, technicians and engineers knows everything is about making the right sound system to suit our client needs. We can always deliver quality sound system services, wherever the function may be. We are your one-stop -shop for all your AV need so you can sit back relax and let our dedicated technical teams do the rest. With the latest technology and over 8 years of experience combined with our creative minds, we will deliver your message in exciting ways you did not think possible. After all, it is not just the story; it is how you tell it.

Working with leading manufacturers means that we can always deliver quality sound system services whenever the ceremony can happen. We have the right knowledge and the right tools to give such an event, which you will not forget. We offer high quality audio packages to suit your next event whether it is a wedding, club night, birthday party or a live band performance. DJ equipment hire, sound and light system or PA system hire

Channel Mixer
(Yamaha MG 10 XU)

Studio Master
XR 40 HL

Pro Wired Microphone
of Shure SV 100

Pro Podium Microphone (VHF)

Pro Head + Collar Microphone (UHF)

Samson Tech Powered / Active Speaker (has in-built Amplifier) - Specifications: 400 Watts output XLR / Phono connectivity ,Sleek, professional look

Specifications: 400 Watts output XLR / Phono connectivity ,Sleek, professional look

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